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The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Great Depression And The New Deal (2009)

by Robert P. Murphy(Favorite Author)
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1596980966 (ISBN13: 9781596980969)
Regnery Publishing
review 1: Only when the U.S. government rolled up its sleeves to really fight a downturn, through unprecedented fiscal and monetary interventions, did America suffer the worst economic crisis in its history. Hoover abandoned the laissez-faire approach that every prior President had followed when faced with similar circumstances. Instead, Hoover big government policies caused the Great Depression, but it was inconceivable to him that his policies made the situation so bad.
review 2: The reality is that there is more background noise to the great depression than what you'll ever find in a traditional high school American history book. The government's role in the initiation of the depression and throughout its unnecessarily long recovery is striking when an objective in
... morevestigation of this matter is undergone. Economically, FDR is completely illiterate along with his predecessor Hoover. Definitely worthy of a good historical and economic read. Well done. less
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This is a great read and key to understanding what is wrong with the economic "stimulus" package.
Really good book on this topic. The author explains how this part of history has been distorted.
Excellent book.
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