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Store Of The Worlds: The Stories Of Robert Sheckley (2012)

by Robert Sheckley(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 4
1590174941 (ISBN13: 9781590174944)
NYRB Classics
review 1: This is the second book I have read by Robert Sheckley and I thoroughly enjoyed it! His books are really hard to find and hate it. The only way you can find his work is sifting through used bookstores (which are the very best to endeavor inside, right?) with the hopes of finding that lost treasure. I truly love Sheckley's work. He always gives such a visualization of his tales that grabs hold of your hand and relentlessly pulls you through the pages. If you think you know what will happen at the end - think again! It'll reaches up and smack you!
review 2: An enjoyable mix of great, good, and eh. Most of these short stories are engaging and chew-on-able, and frequently funny (though there are a few clunkers, including one overflowing with embarassingly dated hip
... morester slang.) It's a long collection which definitely could have benefitted from some weeding. Still, when he's on, Sheckley is very clever at putting someone (usually an average guy, but often a story is told from an alien's perspective) in futuristic/alien setting to say something about the current state of human relations and aspirations here on earth. My favorite was a story about a easygoing guy who settles on a paradise planet to get away from it all only to be followed by a clueless and agressive band of human colonists who are convinced he represents a warlike native tribe. A few of the other stories I enjoyed: a spaceship that functions as a living colony made up of individualy aware parts; a doomed invasion of earth by unhappy shapeless beings; a human being's attempt at psychic colonization; and a thinly veiled indictment of US foreign policy about a guy whose job is to land on an inhabited planet and create a situation that can be used to legally justify invasion. less
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I loved this book, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys short stories and/or sci-fi.
One of the better collections of Robert Sheckley short stories.
interesting, not quite at the level of Dick or Bester though
Superb sci-fi short story collection.
The NAtive Problem )))
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