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I Fratelli Tanner (1907)

by Robert Walser(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
8845916421 (ISBN13: 9788845916427)
review 1: The man could write but I finished feeling annoyed - wanted to shake the main character by the shoulders and tell him to DO something with his life. I saw many reviewers rave about is light, airy touch. It's pretty but I prefer more substance - tell me a story and/or give me characters that I care about. I got neither here. Maybe I'll like his short stories better. For me this was like watching little kids having fun in a bubble bath... a pretty picture with a light and airy feeling but after a bit the bubbles burst. At least in real life you end up with clean kids when the bubbles are gone!
review 2: He recibido un grato masaje leyendo a Walser, conociendo a Simon, Klaus, Kaspar, Hedwig y a Emil Tanner. Parece que no pasa nada, que los paseos no te lleven a ni
... morengún sitio, y, sin embargo, podemos encontrar a un hombre avanzado a su tiempo e incluso al nuestro. En Los hermanos Tanner Robert Walser nos habla con la misma naturalidad sobre infidelidad, incesto, homosexualidad, arte y, ante todo, sobre sus paseos y lo que siente durante los mismos. less
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Five meager stars? I would give this book a galaxy of stars.
Poignant and whimsical. Walser's prose is intoxicating.
Oh my God. Best street find ever.
rhapsodic monologues abound here
Le premier roman de Walser.
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