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A Promise Kept (2014)

by Robin Lee Hatcher(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
1401687652 (ISBN13: 9781401687656)
Thomas Nelson
Kings Meadow Romance
review 1: A Promise Kept, Robin Lee Hatcher reveals her personal story of divorce after years of marriage to an alcoholic and eventual reconciliation. While the book is not a complete parallel to her own testimony, the fundamental lesson and message of hope is the same. Hatcher's vulnerability and transparency are evident on each page, making a heart-to-heart connection with her readers through Allison and Emma. In the story Allison gets to "meet" her Aunt Emma through her old journals and I liked how these two women's stories were played out in the novel, especially the ending. It was neat getting two different perspectives with the same ladies in two completely different time periods. I really admired Emma's character and her love towards her husband, even when he treated her wron... moreg and deserved every right to be bitter towards him. I was definitely disappointed in the end how Chet & Allison did not get together.... Overall I preferred Emma's character over Allison's one minute she was with Chet the next Tony & Allison were getting married.Over all I was thinking it would be four-five stars major let down in the last few chapters.
review 2: I was thinking three and a half stars throughout most of this book, but the ending was delicious, and then I read the book was based on Hatcher's own personal experience (and she mentioned Hershey's chocolate, which was the deciding factor, obviously) so four solid stars.The book was not filled with tension nor angst. It was not a 'grab you by the seat of your pants and never let go' kind of book, either. But the descriptions of Idaho made me long to go see a part of the country I've never been in--even in winter! And the sweet, easy telling of the story just kind of floated along like a lazy summer day. Not boring, but it wasn't rushed, either. Ideal reading for this time of year.The ending and the Author's note were the perfect final touches. The reader is definitely left with feel-good feelings.Thanks, Carolyn, for your recommendation! less
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It was okay. Too much telling and not enough showing.
I enjoyed this book I couldn't put it down
Loved this book! Beautiful story!
Good storyline.
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