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Una Chef A Virgin River (2011)

by Robyn Carr(Favorite Author)
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Harlequin Mondadori, Harmony Romance 126
Virgin River
review 1: It's hard for me to say if I read this book in one day because I wasn't feeling well so didn't want to get off the couch or because it was great! I love that Robyn Carr tackled the single dad with young teenage girl who is acting out angle. She did a wonderful job. I especially liked the interactions between said teenager, Courtney, and her therapist. Just as I would, as a reader, be getting fed up with Courtney and her treatment of Kelly she would have a counseling session that would help me to see where she was coming from. Excellent job by Ms. Carr!As for our hero, Lief...what a great guy. I don't want to put any spoilers down here, but let's just say his relationship with Courtney and his willingness to stand by her no matter what really won my heart. As much as... more I understood Kelly's feelings and that she had to do what was best for her own mental health, I couldn't imagine leaving a man like Lief no matter what.The final thing that really won me over with the book was the story of the two sisters working together in different capacities to do what they love and make a living. What a dream that would be! I love the idea and hope it is mentioned more in the upcoming books. One of my favorite Virgin River books to date.
review 2: This is Virgin River #15. Kelly had a wake up call at work. She collapsed after the wife of a friend accused her of sleeping with her husband. Kelly did not do that. She was in love with him but is as far as it went. Then she collapsed in the kitchen. The doctor said it was the stress. When she returned to work, the boss had it out for her, so she walked out and ran to Virgin River to be with her sister. Kelly stopped at Jack's first for some courage! She ended up very drunk because of her medication. She never thought it would interact. Boy, was she lucky! The man she had been talking to - Lief Holbrook - took her to Jill's house. That was the beginning of their relationship. She's trying to get over what happened in with Luca and the restaurant. He has an out of control 14 year old daughter. Will they find happiness? less
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Moving right along....Down to the last few.
Good story - great ending!
I love this series.
My favorite so far!
summer read
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