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The St. Paul Conspiracy (2006)

by Roger Stelljes(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
0878392343 (ISBN13: 9780878392346)
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
McRyan Mystery Series
review 1: A very good police procedural novel with a bit of conspiracy thrown in for good measure."Mac" McRyan (think early Lucas Davenport without the Porche) is a detective with the St. Paul Police Department. The novel starts with McRyan investigating the murder of a local TV personality. As these things go with novels, Mac's case soon merges with another active murder investigation. I found Stelljes' work to be every bit as good as Sandford's Prey series. He's just not a household name like Sandford.
review 2: Detective Mike "Mac" McRyan leads a team investigating serial murder in St. Paul Minnesota. McRyan is a young, third generation cop/lawyer who carries the book by the strength of his personality, leadership and investigative prowess. I liked this book mainl
... morey because I liked McRyan and his friends. They work hard trying to catch a serial killer by day and drink beer and chase women in a cop bar at night. "Work hard/play hard" works for me or I should say, it used to. Anyway, the guys soon realize one of the victims did not fit the serial killer profile and the investigation expands exponentially leading to a conspiracy involving a a beautiful news reporter, a US Senator, the CFO of a major corporation and a special operations type working in the shadows. McRyan reminded me of John Sanford's Lucas Davenport in a variety of ways; both Minnesotans, college hockey players, sharp senses of humor, non-political, tough, smart and determined. I can see them both discussing a difficult case over a few cold ones at McRyan's family pub in St. Paul..........Ed less
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Couldn't quite get into it -- maybe another time.
Fast pace and interesting story! Good read!
Very good, well worth a read.
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