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The Cove (2012)

by Ron Rash(Favorite Author)
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0061804193 (ISBN13: 9780061804199)
review 1: It took me a single day - not even 24 hours - to finish this book. I thoroughly recommend it for its ability to draw the reader into a completely different world that existed in the hills of North Carolina only 100 years ago... It's an engrossing story of a sad place, with a sad family, until a stranger comes along and changes Laurel's life for the better. The reader gets to know the characters well enough to feel their joy and pain, as well as be utterly disgusted by others. Read this book. Seriously. Read it.
review 2: Ron Rash does a great job taking you into The Cove a dark area of NC, during a time when we were fighting the Germans. Laurel Shelton is a young woman who is shunned by the community and soon learns the Germans are not our only enemies, wit
... morehout giving the whole plot away I will say the emotion, prejudices, family, fear, and work ethic of this war time novel will grab you and place you right into the story, you will find characters that you love and those you despise, this is a well wrtten book and I would recommend it for anyone. less
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Never knew about the German "internment" in the USA during WWI.
I never could get into this book. I stopped reading it.
sad... just sad
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