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Burning Bright: Stories (2010)

by Ron Rash(Favorite Author)
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0061804118 (ISBN13: 9780061804113)
Ecco Press
review 1: One of the features of Ron Rash's writing that sets him apart is his sense of place. The collection, "Burning Bright" is no exception. The stories range in time period from the civil war to the present day rural meth epidemic. In Rash's writing there is human time and there is the larger, slower geographic time. The characters can look at the land and think back to their ancestors who inhabited these same places. For the most part this is an unhappy reflection. While life may not have been easy, even in the recent past, there at least seemed to be some sort of order or sense. While not as strong as his most recent collection "Nothing Gold Can Stay" there are some standout pieces here. "Waiting on the End of the World" might be one of Rash's best. He truly captures the sad ... moreironies of modern day southern society.
review 2: Burning Bright was the first short stories collection I have ever read. The book was great. The story Dead Confederates was my favorite out of the book. Burning Bright is a very honest book. It shows how life can be hard and rewarding. Many of the stories had cliff hangers as an ending. I didn't expect all of the short stories to be good. One after the other I was surprised with awesome stories in the Appalachian mountains. I would definitely recommend people who live in the Appalachian mountains to read this book. Everyone will be so surprised with the detailed short stories. less
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That he can put so much power into so few words, well, it really is amazing.
excellent collection of short stories.
Excellent short stories, as always.
excellent short story collection.
Another amazing collection.
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