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Nothing Gold Can Stay (2013)

by Ron Rash(Favorite Author)
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0062202731 (ISBN13: 9780062202734)
review 1: Ron Rash is already a popular writer, especially in the South, so I don't know that I have much to add: his writing is well-crafted, his stories involve interesting characters, his plots are original and often hinge around Southern culture and way of thinking. My favorite story was the one about two brothers who try to rescue their brother in law based on something they saw on television: hilarious and scary at the same time, the ending was especially adroit. The first story is about a conman during the depression, also with a twist ending. Nice work throughout. It's straight realist fiction with many stories having a historical setting.
review 2: Ron Rash is a tremendous writer.His novel Serena is as fine a novel as anything I have read in. The last severa
... morel years. Read it before the movie with Bradley Coooper and Jennifer Lawrence makes him famous and hopefully rich. These fourteen stories are uniformly good. Set for the most part in North Carolina they tell tales of escaped slaves, strung out meth heads and old men delivering a cafe. Some of the stories remind you of Flannery O'Connor or William Trevor none will remind you of Ben Marcus,and that is a good thing. Rash is a prolific author and I intend to dive deeper into his work. If you like well written stories that create characters that are true to life, start reading Ron Rash now. less
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I'll refrain from reviewing, listening to this was a mistake.
Enjoyed the regional associations from these short stories.
Strong, compelling stories, often with unexpected endings.
Beautifully told short story set in Appalachia.
Not my cup of tea at all....
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