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Something Rich And Strange: Selected Stories (2014)

by Ron Rash(Favorite Author)
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0062349368 (ISBN13: 9780062349361)
review 1: Rash's collection got my attention from the first story "Hard Times" that depicts the despair of neighbors eking out a bare existence. The often bleak Appalachian setting is as much a character as any of the characters in the stories, peopled with a late night DJ hiding a disfigured face, a boy seeking flight from his meth head parents, a convict running from his chain gang, a guitarist doomed to play Free Bird in every set at his road house gig. The stories are evocative, sad, rich and riveting.
review 2: Ron Rash is simply one of the best short story writers of our time. He completely pulls the reader in and captivates with just a few pages. Each story is so different-the only similarity is the general setting of Appalachia. True many of these stories, mos
... moret really, I have read before. That did not diminish my enjoyment. It was like a well written, complex movie, one where you notice additional details with each successive viewing. Rash has a unique manner of capturing and respecting the human spirit and condition. Each of his characters are absolutely believable yet he paints the picture in so few words. less
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All I want to do is find Mr Rash, have coffee, and make him tell me stories all damn day long.
I couldn't have loved and enjoyed this book more, except if there had been more stories.
Haunting, devastating, humorous short stories that will stick with you.
Stunning. Pure genius.
great stories
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