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Serena (2008)

by Ron Rash(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 1
0061470856 (ISBN13: 9780061470851)
review 1: I always love to read a book that's written by a southern author that is so engaging as this one it was a true development of how evil can go for years before being punished but it always does. I also learned a lot about how the timber industry destroyed the landscape in the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains before the government stepped in and made national parks to preserve the wildlife snd forests in the area. Serena was the epitome of a conniving greedy personality. Will definitely read more from this author.
review 2: This book was crazy good. I came to it with low expectations -- the blurb doesn't do it justice -- and walked away from it stunned. I thought the setting was very appropriate, reminding me of Steinbeck's writing, but the characters
... morewere really well drawn. I thought the plot was incredibly interesting and I liked the use of multiple narrators to keep the story going. The comparison of Serena to Lady Macbeth is on point and her Antony speech was chilling. All in all a really good book. less
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I didn't care for this book. It was a slow read and the main characters are one-dimensional.
Interesting mix of life and death with both real and fictional characters.
An easy read but oh so enjoyable! A perfect tale for the big screen.
Couldn't put it down. Much better than any Patterson mystery read.
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