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Raptor 6 Audio (2014)

by Ronie Kendig(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
1630583111 (ISBN13: 9781630583118)
Shiloh Run Press
Quiet Professionals
review 1: Inspired a new respect for the military.Raptor 6 was way outside my reading comfort zone and unlike any other book I have ever chosen to read. It kept me on the edge of my seat. And it inspired me to consider our military men in an entirely new way and with a greater level of respect. Ronie Kendig is a self- proclaimed military brat. She also married someone in the military. So she has the background to make this a very authentic military book. The courage displayed by the characters of Raptor 6 had me overwhelmed. I could not help but have an attitude of gratitude for those serving to defend our country. Raptor 6 was written from three different perspectives. In this book we meet an Afghanistan/American missionary teacher, a special force captain, and an unidentifi... moreed cyber terrorist. The book was action packed and suspenseful. Raptor 6 was not an easy book to read. There is violence, killings, torture and kidnappings. In other words, the author stayed true to life for that particular book setting. There were a lot of things happening all at once and many details to follow in order to keep up with the story line. So it was not a quick book to read either. But I could not put it down and it was well worth the effort. I don’t know how Ronie Kendig did it. But I caught myself actually scared for the main characters as I read the book. There were parts where I cried and other times I turned the pages very quickly to get past some really difficult scenes. For those who enjoy military suspense, this is bound to be a hit. Even those who may not necessarily read this type of book, I would still recommend it. It is really eye opening and made me stop and question what would I do under those circumstances. Raptor 6 was very insightful regarding the Afghanistan culture. I would suggest that those like me without a lot of military knowledge to purchase the paperback versus an ebook. In the front of the book, Ronie Kendig has a couple pages defining military terms and abbreviations. I referred to those pages a lot and it would have been much easier to do that with a paperback. This book is number 1 in a series and you can be sure I will be finishing the rest of the series.
review 2: As I began this book I honestly didn’t think it would be very good, and actually put it down for a little while. Once I began reading it again though, I started becoming more and more entertained with it, until I finished the last fifth of the book late at night, and was actually blown away by the ending. I really appreciate Ronnie’s style of writing, where you basically have to become a character, and be there and see even the tiniest details. I also like how she is able to always draw you in at the end of the chapter, but I don't enjoy the way my mom reacts to me doing just that. As I read through the book, I really felt like all the characters were not only real, but I also felt like I knew them well. As I look at the whole book, I very much enjoyed it, and hope that others will too. This book does have some more violent scenes, so I would recommend being a bit older before reading this book. less
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This story almost makes one question the trials humans go through to carry out God's purposes.
The christian cussing in the book made me laugh.
Good book.
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