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Digitalis (2011)

by Ronie Kendig(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 2
1602607834 (ISBN13: 9781602607835)
Barbour Books
Discarded Heroes
review 1: 3.5Iranians who speak Arabic? No.Starts in January, then a few pages and weeks later it's...September? But the climax happens on Purim, which is usually in March (or sometimes end of February, depending on the year)? And no, the main part of the story did not cover that whole time period, but just the roughly January to March timeframe.I hate when books have such stupidly obvious mistakes that author, editor, proofreader, beta readers, agent--somebody!--should have caught before it went to press.
review 2: When I read the first book in this series I got really excited about the idea of a series like this and so I immediately picked up the second book, this book "Digitalis". Though I read it, and there were some great fast paced, action moments, and some good lo
... moreve story moments the over all story just bugged me. Things seemed too tidy and then too messy. The story was all over the place and the main character in this book "Cowboy" was a great character in the first book, he was the level headed man of God. In this book he was a completely different person. The story wasn't terrible, if all else it was a little entertaining, it was enough that I have already started the third book but only in the hopes that it will redeem the series for me. If not book three will have to be the end of the line for me on this Discarded Heroes story. less
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Liked it! Action packed and a love story all in one.
Loved it. Already reading book 3 in the series.
Yay Cowboys story. Awesome book.
Great book!
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