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Wolfsbane (2011)

by Ronie Kendig(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 4
1602607842 (ISBN13: 9781602607842)
Barbour Books
Discarded Heroes
review 1: Ronie Kendig is brilliant in the third installment of her Discarded Heroes series, Wolfsbane. Heart-pounding suspense and adrenaline-pumping action keeps the reader pinned to the edge of the chair. Kendig carries her audience through the dangers and perils of the Venezuelan jungle as Nightshade fights to save Dani.I greatly admire her for tackling the sticky issue of sex outside of marriage. While many Christian authors dance around the issue, Kendig doesn’t shrink away from the challenge, and shines. She addresses it in a clear and love-filled way.Her fans will not be disappointed, and for those who haven’t read her novels, Kendig gives them one more reason to start. Once more, loveable characters tugged at my heartstrings as I rooted for them to succeed. The ending s... morehocked me senseless as Kendig delivered her best cliffhanger yet. Wolfsbane is one book you will not want to miss!Review copy provided by publisher.
review 2: I'm giving this third book in this series 5 stars because of the message that is given towards the end. Canyon, the main character talks about why we shouldn't break the commandment of intimacy before marriage. The story also had me quite captivated and racing through the end with stomach clenched and ended with a very surprising twist that I did not see coming at all! I love books that can captivate and surprise me. less
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Loved it. Definitely worth reading again.
Another read read.
Loved it!
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