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Firethorn (2012)

by Ronie Kendig(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 4
Barbour Publishing
Discarded Heroes
review 1: In a way, the best of the four books in the Ronie Kendig's series, Discarded Heroes. I saw the soft side of Legend, AKA Firethorn. So much happens in Firethorn, more than in the other books in the series. It has a happy and sad ending. "The Kid" comes out being the hero though the book is wrote around Legend. Sydney Jacobs comes out being the leader of the Nightshade Wives. It's hard to write a review, without giving away the ending. I'll say, I cried just short of the final chapters.There are more than one villains and one isn't as bad as you think. The meanest of them will surprise you, towards the end. The series of Nightshade, I first thought it would make a great movie, but I don't think a movie could do it justice, maybe a TV mini series or even a TV se... moreries.
review 2: This just wasn't my cuppa. Mostly action adventure, with Kazi and Legend falling in love between being shot up. It had some touching moments but I just found it too action oriented for my taste.It's the tale of a mercenary (Kazi) hired by the leader of a clandestine set of soldiers who work in an ultra-secret under the radar operation (Nightshade) who find themselves the target of powerful enemies. Maybe my big mistake was starting with book four, which I did since it had the mixed race couple and I like to read books with multi-cultural characters but this one just didn't work for me. It wasn't a bad read at all, just not my cuppa. less
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My favorite book in the whole series, sorry to see it end but I really enjoyed the ride.
Soooo good!!
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