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Dimitri (2013)

by Roxie Rivera(Favorite Author)
2.57 of 5 Votes: 2
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Her Russian Protector
review 1: Really good read and hot in just the right places. Benny and Dimitri knew each other for years but neither one of them took the first step in letting their interest in one another show. When her brother started acting a plum mess and getting in way over his head Dimitri stepped up to the plate. I enjoyed this one but now I'm looking forward to seeing what is really going on with Nikolai, even the name is sexy.
review 2: I'm in love with these Russian hotties but I wish they were a little less skilled on oral sex! Lol It seemed like that took up half the pages in the book but these are great story lines, beautiful writing, and apparently all Russian hunks are alpha male which is okay with me! So far loving this series! It reminds me slightly of Kristen Ashely's
... moreRockchick series. I can not wait for Nicholai's story! less
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This book was full of action and romance with a little family drama thrown in. I loved it.
When I first saw this I thought it was FanFiction for Vampire Academy
I really liked everything about this one.
great book
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