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Secrets Of The Cell (2012)

by Royden Lepp(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
1936393581 (ISBN13: 9781936393589)
Archaia Entertainment, LLC
review 1: Strong story, beautifully told. But the series must be read as a whole to get the impact. Volume 2 doesn't stand on its own, and needs to be read as soon in sequence as possible. The gorgeous storyboarding and artwork means more pages to tell the story and results in individual volumes that feel like too small pieces of the story. Get the whole series and read it as one book to love it. Break it up very long and the story suffers.
review 2: Science fiction mixed with mystery set on a farm and it's awesome! And bonus, it's a truly all ages story enjoyable for adults and kids. There's robots that are leftover from a war that current children (and the reader) only know bits and pieces about. In this second volume, we discover more of the secrets of the world of RU
... moreST - particularly as Oswald (the middle child in the Taylor family) learns more. Jet Jones continues his battles with a variety of robot foes all the action makes for a very quick read. I love the art style that Lepp is using for these stories - it reminds me of Skottie Young a little bit - and the color palette he's chosen is genius. The washed out sepia tones really evoke the setting of a mid-western farm while also providing a sense of otherness - since sepia is often used to make things look historical it clearly says,"this is not here; this is not now." I also really like that there's a character with one arm - and, so far, that isn't what defines his character. It's just part of who he is. When researching this, I think I read that it's intended to be 4 volumes total and I was thrilled to think it's going to be a complete story rather than an ongoing - that there should be answers to some of the mysteries in not too much longer. Highly recommended. less
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The plot thickens nicely in the second installment, and the art continues to be beautifully nuanced.
Not much to it, but fun ... I like the art, and everything about it reminds me of a Tennapal book.
A robot-like kid/kid-like robot is discovered by a farmer. This guest is more than meets the eye.
cool story might have to check out the others in the series
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