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Ruso And The Root Of All Evils (2008)

by Ruth Downie(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
0141036923 (ISBN13: 9780141036922)
Penguin Books
Medicus Investigation
review 1: I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, the third in the series, I do not know how accurate it is in portraying life in Roman times but I still find it fascinating to hear about how people might have lived in those days! Even though it has been quite some time since I read the second novel in this series I was almost immediately reminded how much I cared about and wanted to learn more about these characters.It is a very well written well researched book with a nicely complex story line -- this is no simple who-done-it. If you are a fan of historical fiction or you like a good reluctant detective story I think you too will jenjoy this novel.The only minor complaint . . . well it is really a comment . . . I have about this book it that with all of the unfamiliar names and place na... moremes . . . the book does take a little longer to read than most of the novels I read. That is not really a problem . . . it just means that it takes a little longer to digest. Since this book takes place almost 2000 years ago . . . in all honesty this works for me. It would not seem "normal" if this was a fast paced. I only mention it because if you are looking for a quick book to read at the beach, the poolside, campsite or similar this is not the best choice. If you are anything like me you will need to take a frequent break from the unusual names of characters and the unusual place names. I just can not imagine reading this book in one sitting. I want to be clear and say that is not a harsh criticism just a statement of fact.Having said all of that I should quantify that a little bit. This book is listed as about 360 pages. Normally I would expect that to take me 3 nights to read . . . and maybe a small part of a fourth to finish it up. Well this took me all of 5 nights and the last night was absolutely it a three hour session . . . So really it was closer to 6 nights. The point here is that it took me almost double the amount of time to finish this book than is normal for me.The bottom line here is that I love historical fiction and I love detective stories. This is about 65% historical fiction and the remaining % detective story and I can not wait to start the next book in the series! In fact if it is available from my counties digital library I will start it very soon!
review 2: While serving in Britain, Medicus Gaius Petreius Ruso breaks his leg. Furloughed out of the army, he and Tilla travel back to the family estate in Gaul just in time to be plopped right in the middle of a murder. His family is on the verge of bankruptcy and, when their chief creditor is poisoned in Russo’s own home, his entire family becomes suspects in a case that quickly turns deadly for the family. less
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Like way author handles her characters. Story was a little thin compared with previous efforts.
Enjoyable, humorous, entertaining light read.
I thought this one was the best yet.
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