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Love & Pop (2009)

by Ryū Murakami(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 1
2809700788 (ISBN13: 9782809700787)
Philippe Picquier
review 1: I was unaware this existed in translation until I just found it here. It's been a favorite of mine since college. Of course, I got into it through the movie directed by Anno Hideaki, as I am pretty much still to this day a huge Anno fangirl, but I fell in love with Ryu through this book. It's incredible. I have not read the translation, so I cannot speak to it, but the original is masterful. And the movie is just plain fucking cool. And weird. And cool.
review 2: I'm a huge fan of Murakami Ryû, definitely. Unfortunately, "Love & Pop" is a part of the few books which left me with a feeling of unfinished satisfaction. I'm not talking about the long beginning, I'm not even talking about the numerous 'cuts' (advertisings, small talks between random people, orders
... moreat restaurants, phone messages,...) -which are not really necessary, but make us dive into a kind of everyday life in a noisy city. The subject of this 'typical' prostitution sounded interesting, but I feel that Murakami didn't really manage to complete what he had started. I was also a bit annoyed by the wannabe moral at the end of the book, not convincing (the message itself is nice, but the notion of respect of oneself could have been more developped then for the moral to find its right place into the content). "Love & Pop" is okay, but nothing more. less
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Très dérangeant, normal vu le sujet mais toujours un réel plaisir de lire cet auteur.
A bit complicate to follow
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