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Ichiro (2012)

by Ryan Inzana(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 1
0547252692 (ISBN13: 9780547252698)
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review 1: The beginning of this book was interesting to read in conjunction with A Tale for the Time Being because they both discuss the history of sky soldiers, or kamikaze pilots during WWII. I also appreciated the portrayal of the transition experiences of the main character as he is displaced from his home. And I also liked his relationship building with his grandfather. At times this relationship felt like mostly lecture and occasionally good humor, and unfortunately the heavy exposition continued as the story took a strange and sudden turn. I didn't really expect/understand/like the ending.
review 2: Fascinating, full of heart and realistic depiction of how a Japanese American teen understands the nature of war and connects with his family and his heart. Fascinati
... moreng Japanese mythology and fantasy, combined with amazing art kept me focused. Not sure I understood everything that happened--sometimes the art was a little unfocused (did Ichiro, the protagonist, fall into a fire? and what did the note say at the end?)but definitely worth reading & pondering. less
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Nice drawing style but I had no idea what was happening half of the time.
Interesting graphic novel - a little history, a little fantasy.
Great monsters, great art. A little bit confusing at times.
Different and cool.
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