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Elders: A Novel (2013)

by Ryan McIlvain(Favorite Author)
3.15 of 5 Votes: 1
0307955699 (ISBN13: 9780307955692)
review 1: I found this book pretty fascinating. Have you ever wondered what young Mormons, or other religions where missionaries go door-to-door, think and feel and what they go through as they try to recruit converts? The main protagonists are two young men, in their early twenties, and it was very interesting to read how one never had any doubts about his faith and was able to adhere tenaciously to his faith, and, the other found himself doubting the faith and the life. Rather than there being a lot of action and excitement, it was a book where faith is explored and two sides are honestly portrayed. It definitely held my interest.
review 2: Definitely a book for people who care about the LDS faith or at least are knowledgeable about to it a certain extent. Without tha
... moret background, you'll have a hard time understanding why such a level of commitment is so important to the missionaries. Don't get me wrong; McIlvain explains the church jargon very well, but as an ex-Mormon, I just couldn't make myself give a shit. I thought it'd be more of a shocking expose on missionary life than it turned out to be. less
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really wanted to like this but found both of the main characters annoying
Some parts of this book were amazing, but it didn't work as a whole.
I will forever have " keep it bible" in my vocabulary.
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