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Adventure Time Vol. 4 Mathematical Edition (2014)

by Ryan North(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
1608863964 (ISBN13: 9781608863969)
review 1: It seems I've enjoyed the Adventure Time comic series more than I thought I would. I'm already on Volume 4...The issue's main story arc is as follows: After a battle with the Ice King, Finn and Jake find the Ice King's secret dungeons. Ice King doesn't remember creating them, but they go back inside to find the legendary treasure, along with the intense dangers and memories long forgotten.Aside from the obvious originality, all of the "standard" stuff is here--puns, hidden snails, funny comments at the bottom of the pages and the alternative cover page gallery (which is always fun to look at). Fans of the TV show should enjoy this.
review 2: Another fantastic entry in the Adventure Time series. You should be caught up with the TV show (at least up to Season 3)
... morebefore reading this since there are a lot of references to characters and situations from those episodes. Funny, smart, but with that hint of sadness hidden between the lines, the comic captures the magic of the television series. And don't forget to read all the secret notes at the bottom of each page! They are the best part. less
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Yes. Yes this comic based on a cartoon made me cry. I have lots of Simon/Ice King feels.
I may have to go ahead and watch this show, because I am loving the comics.
Probably the most enjoyable volume of the main Adventure Time series.
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