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Hora De Aventuras 2 (2013)

by Ryan North(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Stuff I Read - Adventure Time Vol 2 ReviewSo after the events of the last volume, this new adventure takes Finn and Jake on a quest through time itself. Yes, time travel, the old trope of science fiction shows, which is what Adventure Time really is. Not set in a fantasy world really but in a distant future where humanity is on the verge of extinction, it's almost surprising that time travel hasn't featured into the television show more. But it arrives here in full force as PB builds a time machine and Finn and especially Jake muck things up.Of course, there's also murderous Finn and Jake robots that BMO made and a future where the Candy Kingdom is conquered by machines and even a stop by the pilot episode of the show to steal Finn's sleeping bag. It's an interesting b... morelend of homages and references to the show while also branching out on its own and starting to really create some new content. After the first volume which was a lot more about showing the toys in the sandbox, this second volume starts to come up with entirely original content.It's nice to see the series start to really get moving, too, because it means that more weird and creepy things can happen. Adventure Time has always been something that was fun for everyone, including adults. The weirdness can act on multiple levels, and the comic captures that nicely, blending the juvenile humor in with the more mature aspects nicely. The art and visuals are all fun, and it all works together to create an effective whole.The one thing that I had some problems with was the ending, the resolution to the whole time travel problem. Because for all the volume built up the threat of the Finn and Jake Robots, it seemed almost a cheat to have them defeated off panel. It wasn't' terribly done, but it lacked some satisfaction that I wanted. Of course, it could be that it's just setting up a future (haha, get it?) conflict because it's entirely possible that the Finn and Jake robots (or at least the Jake one) will be back later, but it was still a let down. The story finds a way to address that very thing, but it doesn't really solve it by drawing attention to it.Still, the series continues to grow and evolve. I think it's doing a good job of charting its own territory and using the medium to tell stories that television wouldn't be a good fit for. It all works, and I think that's a very good thing, because fans of the show deserve good things, especially when the show doesn't come out very regularly for those not watching it when it airs (for shame on only have three complete seasons out when the show is putting out its sixth season...SHAME!). But yes, I am really liking this series, and so this second volume gets an 8.5/10.
review 2: This issue is so ridiculous? And also so great? There was a darkness to this issue that I didn't expect, which started with the creepy-crawly feeling that BMO was up to something Very Not Good in making the Finn and Jake robots. That feeling only intensified the more I read, and it didn't even entirely fade once everything had been resolved.I did love the focus on Princess Bubblegum's intelligence herein, and the blatant reference to her relationship with Marceline (!!!!), as well as the alteration in her relationship with Finn fifteen years in the future. This issue combined a lot of the more childish elements of "Adventure Time" with its more adult elements and blended them in such a way that even though everything was dark and kind of depressing, it also had a light and fluffy feeling to it that made me feel like everything was going to be okay.That being said, the idea that such a future could exist for these characters, even on an alternate timeline, is painful. Really painful. And I didn't expect to experience that kind of pain with these comics, but I enjoyed it an awful lot. less
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I particularly enjoyed the use of differing time machine mechanics in this arc.
When you run out of Adventure Time episodes to watch, these will do just fine.
Way better than the first one. Very meta, very funny, very fun.
Awesome adventure time shenanigans
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