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Tiny (2014)

by Sam Crescent(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 3
Evernight Publishing
The Skulls
review 1: The previous novels had been building to this couple's story and I must say, I didn't care then and I didn't care now. I was way more interested in the portions of this book devoted to Killer and Kelsey or Snitch, or the Devil's and their drama, but I really did not care one iota about Tiny or Eva. Eva annoyed me greatly for the same reasons the other girls, Tate and Angel, annoy me. It is the authors fault. She describes these women and obese and fat every opportunity she gets and always qualifies it or validates them by following it up with a compliment from the men that they enjoy this shape in a woman or that they are innocent or better than. This is unfair: just because you are a fuller woman does not mean you are necessarily innocent and it also doesn't mean that you... more are necessarily a "quality" woman. I don't have a problem with BBW romances, but please stop making their "love and enjoyment" of food and issue if you don't want it to be and issue.
review 2: I don't know why I read this - maybe because I was bored? not that this book helped with that.I get that the author doesn't want to write about "small" heroines but the constant mentioning of "curvy" heroines is annoying!! we get it they arent skinny.. in all her books (that I've read) thats the one thing.. bigger heroines!! Nothing at all wrong with leads that aren't "perfect" its actually a nice change but then shouldn't the male leads not be perfect either. And really do they need to be the same in all the books? Rant over :) Happy reading!Other than that I just felt this book wasn't for me. I dont know if I'll read any others from her. less
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Amazing book! Wow just when I thought this series couldn't get any better it did!
Love this series !! And I'm really intrigued to read about devil and killer
This is my favorite so far! Can't wait to about Killer.... :)
The best one so far with loads of action!
I guess the whole MC thing is not for me
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