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La Bara Rossa (2011)

by Sam Eastland(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
8842817511 (ISBN13: 9788842817512)
Il Saggiatore
Inspector Pekkala
review 1: When I find a book that I can't put down or look forward to finishing it is worth 5 stars to me. This book kept me interested and involved in the story. The detective story was well written and I didn't ever feel the need to skip a few pages to get to the end as I have done in other stories. I also learned a bit about life in Russia during Stalin. I really did enjoy this book. I think that the author did a well job with the story and having its readers take an interest in the characters. I can't wait to read more of his book.
review 2: This is an interesting read even if the main character is implausible. The chief engineer in charge of developing the T34 tank is killed and it is up to Inspector Pekkala to investigate both the death and security at the research
... more base. The story flows easily though it is interrupted by reminiscences which I failed to see the point of (it actually feels like the story is being padded here). Stalin is presented a a very nice fatherly figure (as if!) and there is little (if any) of the neurotic quality of Stalinist Russia in evidence. I was also disappointed that very little of the background story is based on fact - it is a genuine work of fiction into which the words "Stalin". "T34" and a few city names have been inserted. less
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Entertaining (great for a beach or a flight, especially if you like historical intrigue).
This is a good follow up with a good storuline that holds you in its grip
Love this series!
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