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L'occhio Dello Zar (2010)

by Sam Eastland(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
8842816426 (ISBN13: 9788842816423)
Il Saggiatore
Inspector Pekkala
review 1: I continue to look forward to more of this series. I'm also glad, however, I began it with book 3(Archive 17). It feels as though Mr. Eastland hit his stride by then. There are anomalies about relationships and characters in this first book. Why would Pekkala, a man of impeccable and untouchable ethics, ever agree to work for the man who oversaw his merciless and inhuman torture when he was captured immediately after the revolution? How can his brother Anton ever be trusted after his complicity with the murderer of his friend the Tsar? The jumping back and forth between flashbacks and "the present" in this first one is more awkward than it is in book 3. Congratulations to Mr. Eastland on growing in this ongoing (essentially) collection of stories surrounding a legendary fi... moregure of his own making.
review 2: I really liked this book. Of course, the author creates his own tale and it's fascinating, partly factual, partly his own story. I have been fascinated by the end of the Romanovs and have read a lot about them, and this mystery was so well-written. (Don't mind the naysayers who say it's bad history. Of course the author took liberties to the story, it's fiction. He does it well.) Very glad to know he has more books to read! less
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good historical mystery about the murder of Russian Tzar Nicholas11 and his family.
A new detective for us. Not bad.
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