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Tempting A Devil (2013)

by Samantha Kane(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 3
Random House Digital, Inc.
The Saint’s Devils
review 1: 2 stars for this silly regency romance, that wasn’t particularly romantic. I appreciate the author’s effort, but the story lacked depth. The characters were bland. The author tried to make the heroine bold and independent, but she just came off as strange and impulsive. There was too much dialogue which was like constant yammering in my head. I really tried to like this novel, compared to the many other regencies I’ve read, this is way at the bottom.
review 2: Not a fan of Heroine who lies constantly. She kept up with the lies all throughout the book even after so many threats and attempt of kidnaps. I am finding Kane's latest work fill with females who are too stupid for their own good, they all seem to lack common sense or the ability to be honest.
... moreStupid girls who hide the truth from those she supposedly love and trust and get her hurt and kidnap only to have the Hero come racing to rescue her is not my idea of a good read. less
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2013 is too far away! Can't wait for Roger's story :)
Could not finish - deleted from Amazon
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