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Piece De Resistance Piece De Resistance (2009)

by Sandra Byrd(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 1
030745830X (ISBN13: 9780307458308)
Waterbrook Press
French Twist
review 1: I absolutely LOVE this entire series and let me just say this book did not disappoint as the conclusion! Lexi once again heads into a whirlwind adventure as she begins a new chapter of her life, growing in her faith along the way. She is so adorable and the ending was great, (SWOON!!!) If I had one negative thing to say it would be that I was disappointed there was no Epilogue...I felt like something with a few months later would have really concluded the story. (Hard not to spoil it) Great series, first one I have read by this author but I know it won't be my last.
review 2: Lexi is back in Seattle, working at her dream job. It's a little more difficult than she imagined with responsibilities she didn't realize she was taking on with the job. She's determined
... moreto make it work, though, and quickly! It's only a matter of months before she could lose it all.In Piece de Resistance, Lexi has to work through her feelings for both Dan and Phillipe. I had my pick, and anticipated who would win her heart pretty early on in this book. It still warmed my heart to see it all come together, though. I'm not one for "edgy" Christian romances. While I do have a few "edgy" authors I'm pretty loyal to, I prefer "sweet" romances. I love FEELING those looks across the room. Sandra's writing gave me that and more! When I can feel the warmth from two characters holding hands, or a simple kiss on the cheek melts my heart, I know I've found a talented author!(Of course, I already knew that with Sandra!) ;) While many of the "sweet romances" I've read sacrifice greatly in the romance department, that wasn't the case with this book! It was a "melt my heart" romance without the edgy, and THAT made me one happy and content reader as I turned the last page.I grew to love this series more and more as it went along, and with Piece de Resistance, this series officially made it to my favorites list. Not to mention, I'll never look at suspenders without thinking of this series now. ;)*I was provided a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. less
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Final book in this series...I was able to borrow them using kindle prime lending. Light and fun!
interesting... that's all I have to say. Because I really can't stand much romance.
Ok. I have to say this series really grew on me! I couldn't put them down!
LOVE LOVE LOVED this book, and the French Twist book series!
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