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Na život A Na Smrt: Román O Anně Boleynové (2014)

by Sandra Byrd(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
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Ladies in Waiting
review 1: Wait, this wasn't a YA novel? That cover, title, and the fact that it's about besties seems pretty youth oriented.A few things here:1.) It's short for historical fiction---less than 400 pages to set up and tell the story of AB's rise and fall? 2.) The character is supposed to be smart, but her vocabulary is quite limited...and oddly modern. It's like one of those movies where a character from the past falls into present times and adapts to our language immediately.3.) The author is a Christian writer, and the novel inserts that faith firmly in the center of the character's lives.
review 2: This is a well told tale of the power of friendship. The scope of story is sweeping and grand as it is set in Tudor England. The characters are as I always pictured they'd be
... more and yet somehow there is a fresh spin given on them. From confident Anne Boleyn to her tender and devoted best friend Meg. Each character is someone that you will never forget. The ending is not at all surprising and yet the way Sandra Byrd portrays Anne's untimely demise, is gripping, emotional and tear worthy as it is all witnessed by her loving friend Meg. Powerfully written. This is a worthwhile read for those who love historical fiction, for those who are looking for a Christian romance that is wholesome and provocative and for any woman who has a best friend she would die for. less
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A very fascinating look at life in the 1500's. I am so glad that I am not a woman in those times.
A good piece of historical fiction. Very enlightening Bout the Tudor Period.
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