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Always The Baker, Finally The Bride (2013)

by Sandra D. Bricker(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
Abingdon Press
Emma Rae Creations
review 1: I so enjoyed this book. One of those stories that I looked forward to crawling into bed at night to get back to. Once I finished it, I find myself missing the characters. And talk about characters! The sisters are such a hoot. But the main character Emma, you just really like her. And for an award winning baker to be diabetic is just...well...unfair...funny....ironic. Love the conflict and tension in the relationship. Great read. Get it! Oh and must mention the recipes. Or maybe I shouldn't...
review 2: My patience is rewarded! Finally, I was able to revisit the Tanglewood and catch up with all of my friends at Jackson's (and Emma's) hotel. This long-awaited Christmas gift was a great finish to a dearly loved series. I must say that the wait raised my expect
... moreations a bit too high at first. I found myself missing characters right away that I expected to see, like Russel. That might have stolen my joy a bit. Like the characters, I found myself worried that Jackson would sell the Tanglewood and ruin the story before it really got started. It was wonderful to see them get married at last and see all the pieces of the wedding--and the series--come together. I preferred the pace of book three more, but it was a satisfying end. less
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This book was funny but the plot line is strange. I didn't think the book wasn't very well written.
I loved this series, it made a great light summer reading and the recipes look great!
Great ending to this series. I liked seeing all of the characters come together.
Loved it! Fun read! Really felt for Emma toward end of book. Easy read
Amazing finish to a great story!
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