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The Viking Takes A Knight (2010)

by Sandra Hill(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 5
0061673501 (ISBN13: 9780061673504)
Viking I
review 1: The main female character, Ingrith, kept me laughing with what she said to people; she will tell you the truth even when you don't want to know or talk about things you don't talk about in front of people. The main male character, John AKA Hawk, could not keep up with her or the orphans she was caring for at his castle. Bolthor, the world's worst bard is back and up to his eyeballs in writing ballads that he thinks people will love to hear even though they poke fun at the people he is living with at the time he sings them.
review 2: I sincerely doubt that there are many romance readers that actually like when the mistress is a present throughout much of the book and I certainly do not. Never mind that the mistress - who is not the mistress, according to John, o
... moreur hero - is quite nice and comely. I have to say, I understood the conflict with John not wanting kids. I understood the instant attraction- though it did seem off how fast that played out - and it was refreshing, in an odd way, how open Ingrith, our heroin, was to sex. Then again, if I was a virgin at 31 I would be jumping at the chance too. Still, this book seemed to have some parts that just served to agitate the reader and the heroin. His repeatedly telling her 'I will not marry you' even after having his way with her and then not speaking up when it was assumed by the queen that he was betrothed to someone other than Ingrith. That all just seemed so unnecessary. I like the series - especially Alinor, Tyra, and Breanne's story - but this was one of my least favorite. Still, a must read if you're going for the whole series. less
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Very sweet book! There was the expected humor, and lots of naughty fun! A very good read.
This book was nice. Once of the slowest, but def. worth it.
another good book to read and enjoy
So f-ing ridiculous.
Why. Never again.
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