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Everyone But You: Stories (2011)

by Sandra Novack(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
1400066816 (ISBN13: 9781400066810)
Random House
review 1: This book is composed of many smaller stories of strained relationships: siblings, to marriage, to roommates and neighbors. Each story is short yet still emotional and well crafted. In each short story, the author, Sandra Novack gives a good sketch of the scene and information about the characters involve, giving the stories each an importance in the book. "Fireflies," the first and lead story of Everyone But You, starts of with a vivid scene of the protagonist meeting the red-haired Lola covered in blackness from the fire explosion behind her, while the firefighters hurry to the scene and the tree cracks and falls. “Heavy plumes of smoke bloomed against the darkness.” This short stories may be a little disturbing but its well crafted scenes and characters are defini... moretely a good reason to read it.
review 2: I won the Advance Uncorrected Proof of Everyone But You:Stories by Sandra Novack through Good Reads first reads. 1 1/2 *Depressing stories. Agitating, confusing, uncomfortable to read, a bothersome read for the most part. Had to force myself to read this book. Stopped about half way through to read some other books, before finishing this one. A good flow to the author's writing for a smooth, easy read.Memphis:This one made sense. The Thin Border Between Here and Disaster:This one about marriage. White Trees In Summer:Interesting.I guess it really wasn't a book for me. less
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When I read it, I wasn't in the mood for short stories about the minutia of these characters.
I won and received this book for free thru Goodreads first reads. Thank you very much.
Refreshing take on relationships and human interactions
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