Baby Be Mine

‘Baby Be Mine‘ is the sequel to the much loved ‘Johnny Be Good‘, by Paige Toon. So if you haven’t read the first in this series, I recommend you do before you read this review as there’s going to be some spoilers!

Ready to read on? Ok!

So we left Meg in ‘Johnny Be Good’ hoping that the baby inside her would come out looking more like her boyfriend Christian, than the famous rockstar Johnny Jefferson.

We get back to Meg in ‘Baby Be Mine’, who’s still happily living with Christian, having not heard from Johnny for about two years. However, Meg starts to realise that her son (Barney) isn’t looking quite the same as she had hoped when he was sitting in her belly. In fact he’s starting to look more and more like Johnny everyday, although at the moment Meg’s managing to keep this secret all to herself.


Of course, this would not be a Paige Toon book without some drama! When Johnny comes to visit, Meg’s world gets turned upside down and there’s nothing else to do but tell the truth. This of course comes with consequences and you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens!

This was a great follow up to ‘Johnny Be Good’ and it was great to find out what happens next, in the story of Meg, Johnny & Christian. If you enjoyed the first, you’ll soon find yourself picking up this one, if not just to see what happens!

The story, however, does go on after this read, and you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a bit more to be added to this story! A short story named ‘Johnny’s Girl‘ has been written by Paige Toon, as an exclusive eBook, so if you’ve got a kindle or any other device that’ll allow you to download, I recommend you do so!

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