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Chasing Sin (2012)

by Sara Brookes(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
1419940058 (ISBN13: 9781419940057)
Ellora's Cave Publishing
review 1: Kate’s suicidal chasing of storms is brought to heel for a night when the duo storm chasers, Snyder and Tripp, pull her into the calming eye of their sex storm. The ménage between the three is smoking hot. The various sexy positions are finger licking good. Ms. Brookes writes some of the smexiest m/m/f ménage. The fact that her ménages require a relationship between all three of the lovers is what makes it so hot.In Chasing Sin, Kate is one of the premier storm chasers with dead on instinct. Her uncanny ability to predict where a storm cell will form as well as the path travelled is unparalleled. Apparently this instinct is counterbalanced by her complete inability for a healthy relationship. It is never fully revealed why Kate strongly objects to a stable rela... moretionship. Veiled hints of a troubled family dynamic do not cut it. It is a loose annoying thread in the story.Snyder and Tripp are established lovers who admire and desire Kate. Their pursuit is sweet in the face of her inexplicable rebuffs. Why Snyder and Tripp want Kate is puzzling. Kate is damaged goods with commitment phobias and unresolved childhood abandonment issues. It’s never quite clear how she was exactly abandoned. She comes across as a poor little rich girl which does not endear her to this reader. Despite her flaws, she is a giving lover and when she hits the sheets, wall or shower stall with the lovely men, sparks fly. It’s a whirlwind of hot sweaty sex. It’s really the sex which carries this story through. It’s delicious and just the right amount. This book is recommended to ménage lovers who enjoy some sheeting burning sex.
review 2: Ms. Brookes has done a wonderful job with just the right amount of romance, adventure, angst, and hot sex! I love that the characters are scientists/storm chasers. I felt a real "kinship" with them weathering a hurricane in Kate's hometown in Texas. I have lost two homes to hurricanes in my life so I can def relate! The relationship between Snyder and Tripp is great, they are so devoted to each other. I was anxiously awaiting to find out if Kate was going to be a part of their HEA or stay out there on her own. I highly recommend if you like m/m/f with an awesome adventure and love story thrown in! Copy for review courtesy of the author. less
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Unique concept, very well written!
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