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Chasing Power (2014)

by Sarah Beth Durst(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0802737560 (ISBN13: 9780802737564)
review 1: Sarah Beth Durst's CHASING POWER is a fun, exciting and fast-paced read. It takes readers and its characters on a wonderful adventure across the country and the globe in pursuit of hidden artifacts. It delivers danger, thrills, magic and a bit of romance in its action-packed pages. It has characters who are likable, interesting and quirky, others who are untrustworthy and mysterious, and still others who are detestable and deadly. It's a story that will keep readers entertained from start to finish.Kayla and her mom have been on the run since she was a young child, living in fear, ready to leave at a moment's notice, hiding from a father she hardly remembers, but whose very existence is a threat to her own. In order to remain undetected she must stay under the radar, avoid... more attention, and keep her ability a secret.But resisting the urge to use her powers to take what she and her mom need in order to stay safe is not something Kayla is capable of. Which is why, no matter how careful she thinks she's been, she is caught using her telekinetic abilities to steal by a boy who threatens to expose her unless she helps him.Kayla and Daniel's journey is exhilarating and danger-filled. From cave-ins to poisonous snakes to voodoo queens to power hungry pursuers, CHASING POWER doesn't let up. With a clever best friend who assists from afar, a panicked mother whose spells not only protect but prevent, an unusually helpful voodoo queen whose motives are unknown, and a boy desperate to find his mother no matter how great a risk, there is no shortage of fascinating characters to keep Kayla on her toes.Add in a mystery, a number of twists and turns, and an ending that delivers a couple of surprises, CHASING POWER is a captivating and delightful story with a female protagonist who is spunky and clever and caring and adventurous that will appeal to readers of any age.
review 2: 5 star1st person POVWow this was a really interesting read! Based on a Kayla,a girl with the power of telekinesis, and her mother,who is very new age, and are constantly hiding & on the run from an estranged dad/ex-husband. The story begins in Santa Barbra California where Kaya uses her telekinesis secretly, even tho her mother has warned her of the repercussions were anyone to find out, to steal things as small as lollipops to diamond rings! Her and her best friend Selena the only other person who knows her special secret have been testing the limits of her power for some time. Then out of know where she see a boy watching her. A boy she swears wasnt there before! Turns out he wasnt! He actually can teleport! His name is Daniel & his mom has been kidnaped. All he knows iOS what she left on a cryptic note that led him to Kayla and soon on a crazy but amazing adventure around the world!! (My thoughts on this book to come) less
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She just keeps getting better and more innovative! Highly recommended.
Okay, but not great.
3.5 for me.
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