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Hemlös (2013)

by Sarah Lean(Favorite Author)
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B Wahlströms
review 1: Lean, S. (2012). A dog called Homeless. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.Schneider Family2013 Schneider Family AwardA Dog Called Homeless is a heart-wrenching story about a young girl named Callie whose mother unexpectedly died and must now learn to exist in a three-person family. Her father is not the same since her mom died, and then she learns that she must move. Meanwhile, she begins to see her mother with a dog, and they are somehow connected to a homeless man she befriends. Distressed that her life has changed so much and that her father has not helped her through the grief process, Callie’s one-day vow of silence for a charity turns into a long-term vow of silence that her father and brother cannot change. In addition, she makes friends with her new neighbor... more who is blind and deaf, who provides Callie with a friend, who like her, does not speak. In this story, Callie learns to accept her mother’s death, makes new friends, and helps her father return to his old self. Lean has done a wonderful job creating a strong-willed character who finds a way to make grief-stricken life a little bit better. Told from Callie’s perspective, every reader is sure to feel Callie’s grief, frustration, and happiness while reading this book. I loved Callie and her strength and resourcefulness, and I cannot wait to share this book with my future students. A Dog Named Homeless will be a great reading selection for any upper elementary class. Students will learn about disabilities, acceptance, homelessness, and grief after reading this book, and it will serve as an excellent resource for opening the door into discussion about these topics. Overall, this was a wonderful novel, that was quick and easy, so even struggling readers will be able to enjoy it.
review 2: I have to admit, when this story started out it was a bit confusing. Even the title is a bit odd, and for a work of realistic fiction some strange things seem to be happening. Cally's mother has passed away before the story begins, and on the 1 year anniversary of her death Cally starts seeing her dead mother in various places. Her mother is accompanied by a large dog that is very real, though her mother may not be. When no one will believe Cally, she decides to take a vow of silence since nothing she says seems to matter anyway.I'll be discussing this book with my middle school book group, and I'm very curious to see how the kids like it. Personally, I thought it started a little bit slow but it definitely grew on me. A lot of the plot and emotions evoked feel very subtle, so I'm not sure how well they will relate to it. But overall it's an interesting story and a quick read. A very sweet story. less
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Lovely and full of heart. And I want an Irish Wolfhound very, very much.
This was a very sweet uplifting book!
Love, love, love this book.
Loved it!
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