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Nueve Reglas Que Romper Para Conquistar A Un Granuja (2011)

by Sarah MacLean(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
8492929448 (ISBN13: 9788492929443)
Love By Numbers
review 1: So-so ajalah. Awal-awalnya kayaknya bakalan bagus. Tapi makin ke belakang kok makin ngebosenin. Terpaksa di-skip-skip dah.Karakter Ralston lumayan oke sih, Callie-nya yang agak bikin sebel. Aku udah suka banget pas Callie berani menuding hidung Ralston pas mereka bertengkar di teater, trus mengancam "Menjauhlah dariku." Eeeeehhh...pas pertemuan berikutnya, disenggol dikit sama Ralston, udah mendesah-desah lagi. Duuuuhh...yang konsisten dikit donk, Neeeeeng.Udah lembek gitu, masih sok sok nolak waktu Ralston melamar. Jangankan di jaman dulu, di jaman sekarang aja, kalo ada perawan tua yang jelas-jelas berparas biasa-biasa saja dilamar laki-laki tampan yang kaya, pasti berasa kejatuhan durian, bukan sok jual mahal macam Callie. Soal cinta bisa datang belakangan kaleeeee, ga... morek perlu meributkan hal itu. Kecuali kalo Callie emank pengin jadi perawan abadi.Btw, maap kalo repiunya nyeleneh n beda dari yang lain yak.
review 2: It's been so long since I delved back into the historical romance world (Ok, I'm lying, maybe not that long). It's always hard to come across one where I don't get annoyed of the heroine or the story, besides Lisa Kleypas and Judith McNaught books, which I am a huge fan of. However, lately I think its safe to suffice that this is my second book by Sarah MacLean and I loved it!! I love how this author writes. The main couple I adored, and the storyline in this one kept me captivated until the end. Both the H/h didn't claim their love for one another right off, and when Ralston made a mistake, Callie would not easily forgive him which I thought was refreshing in terms of how HR books are usually written. I absolutely thought it was hilarious how the main heroine, Callie thought her life was going to be spent as a spinster, then she decided to change her fate and make a list of things to accomplish, which range from firing a pistol, gambling, learning how to fence and the best one, kissing a rake. There are many times when I read HR books and it frustrates me to no end, how the men get away with anything and everything while the females have to be docile and complacent. This book treaded the gender roles of the olden days and had the heroine put one foot and delve herself into a man's world, during that day and age. Hey what can I say, its the feminism in me that came out. Overall I really enjoyed this book, and definitely recommend this to lovers of JM and LK's books. This one left me satisfied.P.S-Fnally a HR where the heroine actually has a cute name, rather then the usual Beatrice, Pippa, Daisy or etc. less
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Loved it!!!!! The author is amazing...I loved her other book the season too...
i laughed. i cried. and i giggled. and it was awesome!
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