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Claiming Her Warriors (2000)

by Savannah Stuart(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I am a huge fan of Katie Reus/Savannah Stuart. I started reading this book not sure of what I was going to think because I normally do not read, or enjoy, menage stories. I think what set this story line apart was that it is set on another planet where the men outnumber the women making this type of relationship the norm for their culture. It also helped the the main female character had been rescued from her dying planet and was also coming to terms with this type of relationship. I actually ended up enjoying the story and the characters are great, as usual. Really surprised by this one because I honestly did not expect to like it. I love it when a book proves me wrong.
review 2: This was a good second book in a erotic short story sci fi series. Heated M
... moreating the first book was a good intro in to this world and I think that this book gave us some more info in to their world. Aeron, Hauk and Brianna were great together. The sex was great and Hauk and Aeron are hot alpha males. This book is a little longer the Heated Mating and I can't wait to read more about this new series. less
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A sexy story!:)I wish it was longer!*Grin*Savannah is a good author.
This story was really good, I just wish there was more to it.
I could get used to this erotica thing.
Review coming next week
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