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Unleashed Temptation (2009)

by Savannah Stuart(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 1
1419925598 (ISBN13: 9781419925597)
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Miami Scorcher
review 1: This was my first shifter story and it wasn't bad. I would like to read more in the series, but I don't know if I'll part with $4 to read stories that are less than 150 pages long. Anyway, this was a good story. It moved at a good pace, probably a good "intro" to shifters. There's more sex than anything, so that worked for me, since this is not a genre that I am interested in at all. Glad that I did read it though because it was a nice change of pace. Unfortunately I kept thinking about Twilight the entire time. While there are no similarities, it's always the first thing that I think of when it comes to werewolves. Would I recommend this book, probably. Like I said, it was pretty good, I'm just not feeling the entire genre as a whole (at least not at the mom... moreent).
review 2: Awesome short read! Carly has had it with her scum sucking boyfriend. She finds out he has been cheating on her with her boss! So she packs up her stuff and leaves Chicago. And she moves to Miami, Florida where her Grandmother lives.After being in Miami a couple of weeks she goes on a job interview at a auto shop that her grandmother has set up. The hunk who interview her is smokin hot. She lands the job. And it doesn't even take a couple of hours of working with Nick and she has the hots for him.Nick cannot seem to get Carly's scent out of his head. She is what he thinks about since he hired her. He is sure that she is his mate. Nick is a werewolf. But Carly is not. He does not want to scare her off.And when his cousin invites her to a family function and there is a man there that is interested in Carly too, he must make sure that he knows that Carly is his. The story gets interesting when the man turns out to be an immortal. less
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Crazy short but I really enjoyed it. It's a pretty sexy story involving an alpha werewolves. Yummy
This was a kindle freebie.Not bad. Interesting were mythology. Fairly sexy time. Ok.
Wow. Nick was hot! I really liked this one!
Good story. Hot too!
*3.5 Stars*
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