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The Darkness After (2013)

by Scott B. Williams(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 5
1612431844 (ISBN13: 9781612431840)
Ulysses Press
review 1: I received this book from Goodreads.The Darkness after is a quick read. If I were to judge this book by its supposed genre of Apocalypse and nothing else, I would give it a flat 0. There isn't much action and most of the book is more of what the charters are thinks then doing or talking.So, why did I give it three stars then? The answer is simple. A different mind set.I am thrilled when something I've never thought of before that is so blatantly obvious that you wounder; why I didn't think of that. Fallow the pipe lines. To me that is genius for an Apocalypse. Why the hell didn't I ever think of that myself?! Its out of the way, anyone can cut through forests, farms, lakes and nobody would likely be fallowing it but you. It was interesting to read of the compared abilitie... mores of a dependent city dweller and a sufficient outdoors man.I'd like to describe more but I can't seem to do that without spoilers. ^-^
review 2: Really bad. I read The Pulse and thought it was average. This being a second book with different characters but the same event, I thought it would be better. To me it seems like this book was written first. I skinned through this book and I don't think I missed anything. The character, Mitch is 16 years old but the author gives him a voice that seemed more like a 60 year old man. It had red necks and guns and bows and arrows. Maybe 15 year old boys would like this. It is trash and won't look for this author again less
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In this book " The Darkness After" is a fast pacing, a bit of a thrill and and amazing.
Good book with an ending that was way too short and anti climactic
Ok. It didn't have the "wow" I was hoping for.
Good SHTF book easy read
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