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Catch A Ghost (2013)

by S.E. Jakes(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 1
1626490392 (ISBN13: 9781626490390)
Riptide Publishing
Hell or High Water
review 1: 4,5 starsHuh… Unexpectedly, I liked this book. Normally I dislike military-related stories because most authors can’t mix military issues that fuck people up and characters’ development right, making heroes look like sob heroines or neurotics with control issues. But here everything works. Characters fit their troubles, and even the fuck ups feel right, not far-fetched. I like the overall effect very much. There is comfortable mix of rough and tender in the relationships, there is decent plot, and there are underlying secrets that intrigue reader right into the next book)) Despite all the bad that happen to characters there is poignant goodness in them, the care, that’s hiding underneath troubled psyche. I like this.
review 2: This book had some really
... more great potential - but it just didn't make the cut. I was excited to see some reviews compare Prophet and Tommy to Ty and Zane - because I could not pass that up.I think their personalities were somewhat similar to Ty and Zane and some of the scenes were pretty hot. What I had a really hard time with is the skipping and the gaps in the writing. You are reading and all of the sudden it changes scene or they will be doing something completely different than what they were doing, and you have to go back and read to find out where you missed that. It happened over and over where there are just gaps and you become confused. I really don't like having to re-read a scene because I feel like I missed something.These two have some definite zing to them and I really like them together, but I need a more solid storyline and more solid writing. I think I might read the next book just to see if it gets better, but I'm not sure - it's like a cheap version of Ty and Zane and I don't want cheap - I want the real deal! less
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oh my... i think im hooked.
Loced it!!!
3.5 stars.
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