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Abducting Abby (2000)

by S.E. Smith(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
Dragon Lords of Valdier
review 1: Lots of sex but not much else - certainly no character or story depth The storyline was creative, unique and did have lots of potential but the follow through flat out sucked. It was insta everything. Insta-love, insta-friends, insta- perfect life etc. I never got the sense that any of these characters had a thing in common. Or even a real conversation for that matter. There were just too many missing pieces and everything came entirely too easily. While the sex was pretty good, that was basically all that happened throughout this read. There was absolutely no depth what so ever. Waste of time and money and certainly not a series I would continue.
review 2: liked it. A nice quick satisfying read. Not a favourite though due to things getting too ho
... moret too fast. I like a relationship that develops and grows with a decent history between two people. this was more of a wham bam thankyou mam instant love. Also introducing several more women halfway though kind of disrupted the story flow a little. Not much attention was given to them and it felt as though they were chucked in half way though in order to have something to write about in the next books. less
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This book started out so interesting, however by the end I was just reading to finish the book.
So much fun. It's not Shakespeare, but S.E. Smith knows how to write one entertaining read!
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