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Indiana Wild (2000)

by S.E. Smith(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 5
Spirit Pass
review 1: Anytime you read a time travel you have to suspend belief a little bit, but I think with those stories that involve Native American lore, it's a little more conceivable. At least in my way of thinking. Indiana "Indy" Wild is a young woman who has spent her entire life on a ranch in Montana. Roping, breeding and training stock, working as hard as any man. She can't imagine any other kind of life and she knows she'll never leave. That is, until her much older brother pulled a fast one and sold the ranch out from under her, after the death of her Grandfather. He also convinced a judge that Indy cannot act in her own best interests and secured a guardianship over her and her finances. Not about to be roped (pardon the pun) into whatever kind of swindle he's trying to pull, In... moredy packs up her two beloved horses, her dogs and enough long term camping gear to survive months if not years in the mountains. It's during her travels that she passes through Spirit Pass.She's always known about Spirit Pass. Her Grandfather and Native American Godfather both had told her it was a mystical place. Her Godfather had even claimed it was a passage to another world, but of course Indy didn't believe that. Not until she comes face to face with cattle rustlers trying to murder two cowboys in broad daylight.I won't give away the rest of the story, but I enjoyed it. I loved Indy's spirit and gumption. She didn't take any shit from anyone, including Jonathan Tucker (the hero). She's no wilting violet and even when she finds out she's gone back in time to 1867, she doesn't freak out. For his part, Jonathan is the quintessential western hero - alpha male all the way and no one stands in his way when he wants something. The ending is an HEA but it's open ended for a sequel, which I'm hoping to pick up soon. 3.5 stars
review 2: I just finished this book and I have to say, this was one of those that really surprised me. I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize this was about time travel until I was reading it. I was a shock that I would be interested in something like this, but I read it in one day. Cowboys are hot! Indy was on tough chick too! She wasn't about to take shit for anyone! Although, I loved this book, I am unsure if I will continue, because I think the next book follows Jacob and Allie and I hate it when a series goes on to other characters. less
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Love it can't wait for Spirit Warrior
Good for a free book
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