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Bitten In The Bayou (2008)

by Selena Blake(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
Cobblestone Press
Stormy Weather
review 1: Not nearly as well done as the first book in the series. I felt the characters contradicted themselves, for instance Jules marks Angel as his but shares her with his brother...doesn't sound like an alpha wolf to me...I know it is a shorter story and therefore lacks the time for story development but this went from meeting to sex in less than an hour,not at all believable and makes the characters less than believable.
review 2: Wow, I wish I could switch places with Angel!! :D Another very enjoyable and very steamy read, but again, I was left wishing it had been longer. I think both of the author's Stormy Weather series books have enormous potential to be full length books, as she writes very well. In this book, the steamy moments were well written and very h
... moreot :) but the rest of the book felt a little condensed. Overall, a nice quick, super hot :) and enjoyable read. Would definitely buy other books from this author. less
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Definitely worth the read - a nice quick story - #2 in the Stormy Weather Series by Selena Blake.
Not a complex story or much depth as far as character development, but a light pleasant read.
Another awesome book about the Deveraux brothers and them finding love in unusual ways.
the very first book ive read from selena blake's collections just loved them
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