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Daniel Fights A Hurricane (2012)

by Shane Jones(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 1
0143121197 (ISBN13: 9780143121190)
Penguin Books
review 1: I really really liked this. I feel like I should have read it slightly quicker. The book is largely composed of series of symbols and images which bounce around and off of one another quickly building up to a nice emotional climax of an ending. I think some of the images got lost in the web, or ended up making less sense (the Iamso as dictator/child bit toward the end, as well as a a lot which happens around the middle) than I think they would have if I'd read it all quite quickly (I read it over the course of a week). Still, the writing was gorgeous and I really liked how the structure played around with mental illness and fantasy. I can't wait to read another book by Shane Jones.
review 2: This one started out great. I really cared about Daniel and who would
... more not like Iamso and the crazy cast of characters? But, for me, about halfway through that is exactly what started to grate on my nerves. At one point I could not take any more pipes, elephants, dreams, or Hurricanes. What helped me get through it was that it was A. short and B. the character of Karen. In the end, I am still kind of unclear of what happened, but at that point, I really didn't care. Props for excellent imagination and I do want to read Light Boxes. less
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I wanted to like it. But I couldn't quite get there.
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Couldn't get into it
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