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Light Boxes (2009)

by Shane Jones(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0982081316 (ISBN13: 9780982081310)
Publishing Genius, Penguin Books
review 1: An endless season called February. I can relate. And the small townfolk taking up a war against February in order to bring on spring, June, and July. I did enjoy this book, but there were points where I had a harder time following along. It took a while for everything to sort itself out and I was able to follow the story. He has an abstract way of writing, with different fonts and font sizes depending on the subject or subject matter. It was good, and I loved the concept, but it wasn't amazing. Was I supposed to sympathize with February by the end? I did, regardless, which only made the ending a bit unsatisfying.
review 2: hmm not sure what to say about this novel, I think it would have been great to read at uni or in a book group where you can listen to other
... morepeoples opinions and interpretations and have big discussions. however reading it on my own I felt that maybe I was missing something...maybe best to read in one sitting too to keep track of the characters. anyway it did keep me going until the end but I some how feel unsatisfied. less
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Interesting and unusual way of writing. interesting assosiations and word-combinations. like it
read this in a little over an hour. beautifully written, wonderful story!
Light Boxes felt like reading a sparklehorse song. I really enjoyed it.
Huh? Best thing about it was the front cover.
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