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Crystal Eaters (2014)

by Shane Jones(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: If after Crystal Eaters Shane Jones never writes a novel again he has ended on a note that might be called supersonic. Light Boxes was written in a style that might have reflected more about the process of writing it than the story told (although that is part of the story of Light Boxes too, I think). Daniel fights a Hurricane suffered, in a worse way, from the same problem. But Crystal Eaters is fully focussed, a rendition of all that makes Jones' work interesting. It feels like a book only he could've written in all its headstrong absurdity. It has a compassion for its characters that rivals parts of Infinite Jest. It is poetic in a drugged-up, rough way, reminding me of Faulkner at his least romantic.It tells a heartbreakingly particular and a thought-provokingly large ... morestory all at once. It's funny too, in ways that might make you cry all the same. I burned through it, sentences flowing into my brain. A great, unique book.
review 2: Well, Crystal Eaters really puts some colorful imagery running through your brain at the time of the reading. Or... Should I say..." Dragging" inside your brain? 'cause at the most part of this book, although I was enjoying the plot, the way Jones misused the potential of it bothered me, over and over. My opinion is that crystal eaters is still a beatiful book, but it would have been much bigger, had it been written by a more skillful writer. It's like jones created a book that he coudn't live up to its own expectations. less
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Solid, emotional build. I thought chapter 6 in particular was wonderfully crafted.
I feel like this would be really bad for your teeth. Great cover, though.
This is my favorite book I read this year.
Umm, sure.
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