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PLAZA: An Archaeological Thriller (2000)

by Shane M. Brown(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I picked this novel up on a recommendation. Reading through the first few pages, I began to have my doubts as I found the sentences to be short and choppy and instead of the typical quotation marks around sentences, single quotation marks were used (' instead of "). The writing quickly smoothed out with likable characters and a captivating story. Some elements of the story jolted me back to real life when EVERYTHING that was happening had to come together perfectly with a healthy dose of luck for the story to proceed though. And whats the deal with only one trap? i know it had to happen for a few events but only one trap?! All in all, an exciting, quality read.
review 2: I downloaded this book as a free kindle book. It was a most pleasant surprise. I love arc
... moreheology and science and was quickly enthralled in the story. What’s better than an amazing archeological dig in the middle of a jungle with warring factions and prehistoric giant ‘fauna’? As some other reviewers mentioned, this would make a great Indiana Jones-type movie. The nerdy, super smart archeologist would be a great leading man, as would the bad guy/good guy thief. The characters were well developed and the plot tight. I found I couldn’t put the book down and I was surprised and thrilled by the ending. PLAZA was a genuinely enjoyable adventure story. I will look for more books by Mr. Brown. less
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really good. I love the mix of action and archaeology. really liked this book.
Standard archaeology/suspense tale but with a very different kind of killer.
Loved this book! It was like Indiana Jones on crack.
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