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The People Of Forever Are Not Afraid (2012)

by Shani Boianjiu(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 3
0307955958 (ISBN13: 9780307955951)
review 1: I found much to relate to, but this book was a little disappointing. Boianjiu is fond of hyperbole and as the book progresses allows this to interfere more and more with the strict realism which is so compelling. The fantasies of the characters, and the violence that they witness, become an increasingly large part of the book, until the levels of violence (sexual and otherwise) become implausible and just feel like showboating. Five stars for the first chapter; one star for the last third, which reads like an undergrad creative writing assignment badly in need of an editor. Still, it's exciting to read fresh, original Israeli fiction, from a promising author barely out of college.
review 2: I attempted to read this book because it was on the long list for The W
... moreomens Prize for Fiction 2013. I really had to push myself to keep reading, hopeful for something to happen or for it to become a story rather than a series of event descriptions. It's a disjointed book, I gave up halfway. The issue I had is the format, it's not a story & it doesn't grab you, giving you no choice but to go on. That's what I love in books. less
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Strange- but I think I liked it. The writing and subject matter were interesting.
I feel like I know nothing about Israel. This book blew my mind completely.
Brutally honest portrayal of senseless violence.
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