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Dauntless (2000)

by Shannon Mayer(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 5
The Nevermore Trilogy
review 1: If I ever need help. I will surely call Mara to help.She is like a badass but not really because all she is trying to do is save herself, her husband, and child.Like Bound, Dauntless starts where Bound left off.I am in love with this trilogy, thanks to Shannon for making this.I am satisfied with the way it ended, but it does kind of leave in opening to a novella or future-take. I wouldn't necessarily say another book because I don't really know what she could do to start another story without a conflict. But who knows? She might.Mara is one of the greatest survivors, killing Nevermores, running, jumping, facing death, saving her husband, and pregnant? She is a superhero!
review 2: I read all the books in this series in less than two days. I am a technology junk
... moreie and haven't picked up an actual book since I got my Kindle two years ago. This has allowed me to find and read a lot of authors I would have never before known, and for that I am very pleased. More power to the Indie do it yourself writers that are out there. Shannon Mayer has a good premise for this series, and she titles the book well as a zombie-ish apocalypse type book. I like anything zombie and love when people have a different take on it, and the story wasn't completely bad. However, the spelling, grammar, and overall writing was atrocious. I know, I know, sometimes that is what you get with Indie, but come on, a high school kid could have done a better job proofing this book, the whole series for that matter.I gave this two stars mostly because of the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Based on the story it would have gotten three stars. It was exactly what I expected going into it, a quick read to pass the time with a nice twist on zombies taking over the world. If you can get past all of that and want a zombie series with a love and romance back story then give it a read. less
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Great ending to a great story. Loved it.
Good ending to a good book series.
ok series
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